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France - Qobuz: Encore mDAC a distinctive product: deserves the higher  “Golden Qobuzissime” award, instead of “Qobuzissime”  !

- "we give a “Golden Qobuzissime” award, instead of “Qobuzissime” to mDAC because this wonderful little music box delighted our ears to the point where we would even ask if we were not fooled by some witchcraft.   At such anaffordable price, the amazing sound of mDAC seems incredible.  What we can advise is encourage you to treat yourself to acquiring an mDAC for listening, which is truly amazing!"

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USA - Head-Fi: Review - Encore mDAC portable headphone DAC/Amp with 24bit/96kHZ USB input

- "Overall the Encore mDAC is a great sounding portable USB DAC regardless of price, that works well with Macbook via USB and iPhone via camera connection kit (or Android). The size is quite good, making it truly portable with the iPhone/CCK.  You’d have to spend 3x as much to improve on the performance, but as-is it leaves little to be desired.  I highly recommend this product."

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Italy - Stereo-Head: Encore mDac: un piccolo compagno per i nostri smartphone – Recensione

-" The Encore mDAC is a good portable DAC with Headphone amp for smartphone of excellent value for money.  The chassis is really made with excellent craftmanship and the finishing is of high quality.  The overall construction quality is well above average. Its affordable price and compact size make it a perfect companion device for smartphone.
The small Encore mDAC delivers warm and energetic sound with rich musical details. The control of bass is good . The highs presentation is accurate, and thus the sound-stage is deep and the positioning of musical instruments well defined .  It is particularly suitable for lovers of “Vaccum -Tube” sound, who would prefer a warm mid-range and soft presentation in regard to the very fine musical details."

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The PC Enthusiast: Encore mDAC Portable DAC/AMP Review – Features 24-bit, 96 kHz USB DAC

-" Overall, the Encore mDAC didn’t disappoint me and I can highly recommend this to people who want to experience a better sound quality with higher resolution and detail. It’s not only a great companion for mobile devices, but it’s also good for your PC as well."

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France - Audio portable Encore mDAC

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Japan - Music TO GO!: Encore mDAC - 隠れnuforce?のスマートフォン向けDACアンプ

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